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your pictures are fantastic Willie you’ve certainly photographed an amazing array of different subjects
Posted by Jim mcdiarmid on 26 May 2018
Thanks Jim. Walk intae any Bar and have a drink on me. Just mention my name tae the Barman.
Posted by Willie on 26 May 2018
Great photos
Great pictures across a wide variety of subjects Willie. Good to see you're keeping your hand in. Perth seems sunnier than I remember!! How about a variety of weather shots? All the best. Chris.
Posted by Chris Lawrie on 07 December 2014
Hi Chris, Thanks for the comments but I'm too auld tae go out in inclement weather.
Hence Perth is always sunny!
Posted by Willie on 08 December 2014
Photographs from Perth .. Website
Some good material here Willie. The Tay River gave its name to the main street in Invercargill .. Tay Street. Tay Street continues onto Dee Street.

Alex G
Posted by Alex Glennie on 06 June 2014
Thanks Alex.
I didn't know that Invercargill had a Tay Street.
Posted by Willie on 06 June 2014
Brilliant Site
Willie this is fantastic, well done!!

Posted by Bitza on 22 April 2014
Thanks Bitza for the kind words.
Posted by Willie on 22 April 2014
Fotie machine?
Good stuff, Wullie! Ye must have a stoatir of a camera!
Posted by Threeps on 13 December 2013
Thanks Steve.
It aint the camera but the person behind it that takes the pics!
Posted by Willie on 13 December 2013
No Title
Posted on 03 December 2013
Your portfolio
Posted on 02 December 2013
Posted on 02 December 2013
Posted on 01 December 2013
Posted on 29 November 2013
Posted on 24 November 2013
Nice site Willie
Posted on 24 November 2013
Brilliant photos
Posted on 21 November 2013
Your photos
Posted on 21 November 2013
Well done!
Posted on 20 November 2013
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